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Metrics & Evaluation

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Metrics for the SGB Sector 

At the core of ANDE’s mission, we strive to demonstrate that investing in SGBs creates economic, environmental, and social benefits. ANDE supports its members to measure the impact of their work, and then communicates that impact for the sector as a whole.

Our metrics work has three components:

1) We support alignment with best practices among our members.

We support our members to adopt a common language to measure their performance, and have developed a core set of metrics to track the development of the SGB sector. We recommend all members adopt IRIS, the catalog of social, environmental, and financial performance metrics. Common, transparent metric definitions will enable comparisons and aggregation, increase credibility, and reduce the reporting burden.

2) We communicate our members’ performance in our annual State of the Sector reports.

3) We encourage knowledge sharing among metrics professionals, through our Metrics & Research Learning Lab and Metrics Conference.

ANDE members
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Why Measure?

Measurement is about more than just accountability. We believe measurement can build more impactful businesses, improve resource allocation, and support sector-wide efficiency.

When impact metrics are integrated with financial and operational metrics they can help organizations develop better products and services, make better investment decisions, and become more efficient in achieving impact.

And when evaluations support a collective learning agenda rather just a single project, they build knowledge for the entire sector. Evaluations can be actionable, useful to multiple stakeholders, and inform strategic decision-making if practitioners understand the existing evidence base and work together to fill the gaps.

ANDE is working to support both goals. Read more about ANDE’s vision for the future of measurement, and what ANDE members are already doing to take action with measurement: 

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