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South Africa

The South Africa Chapter is made up of ANDE members who are actively working to support small and growing businesses (SGBs) throughout South Africa. Participating organizations work together on regionally specific initiatives and collaborate to promote a healthy ecosystem for South African SGBs.

Members benefit from the opportunity to network and learn from other like-minded organizations in the network and region. The chapter continuously engages with South African centers of influence and stakeholders to keep abreast of the challenges, progress, and state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa to act as an advocate and neutral convener for the sector. 

Click here for a printable overview of the chapter. 

If you would like more information on the South Africa chapter, please contact Lisa van Eck or Michelle Yorke.

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 What we do

Knowledge production

Ecosystem maps: ANDE South Africa has mapped entrepreneurial support organisations in the South African ecosystem to identify the main financial, capacity development, other gaps and opportunities. 

Click here for the 2017 map. 

Want to compare across time? Find the 2014 infographic here

*Please note: the latest map is a living document and we welcome your feedback. Kindly email Lisa van Eck with suggested amendments or additions. 



Research partnerships: ANDE and our partners disseminate research projects on key entrepreneurship related issues. We work with members and non-members for these kinds of projects. 

Strengthening the Ecosystem for Edupreneurs in South Africa: Findings from a Roundtable Discussion: In March 2015, the ANDE South Africa chapter brought together just over 30 participants involved in the education entrepreneurship ecosystem including public and private funders, capacity development providers, academics and edupreneurs for a full-day roundtable discussion in Johannesburg to flesh out challenges and opportunities faced by edupreneurs in South Africa and to come up with collaborative actions to strengthen the ecosystem. The discussion, which covered five topics from Access to Finance to Infrastructure and Enabling Technologies, focused on direct instruction models (predominantly Low Fee Private Schools) and EdTech entrepreneurs. Findings and Ideas for Action from the discussion are summarized here.


Events and meetings

  • Chapter meetings: ANDE South Africa hosts regular meetings in Johannesburg and Cape Town that offer members and prospective members the opportunity to network, receive updates, and showcase their work. 
  • Sector events and roundtables: The South Africa Chapter holds sector specific events that gather and connect relevant stakeholders to flesh out challenges, generate ideas, and create opportunities to put ideas into action around specific topics. 
  • Networking Opportunities: The chapter provides informal networking opportunities after sector events. These create opportunities to forge new partnerships or promote specific projects and initiatives. 
  • ANDE global Learning Labs, webinars and sector calls: In addition to in person opportunities, ANDE South Africa hosts online seminars and calls with specialists, entrepreneurs, researchers and other actors to discuss topics related to ANDE’s Learning Labs. ANDE members can participate in these Learning Labs through our member portal. 
  • Launch events: The chapter can help disseminate and/or coordinate the launch of a member’s research, report or project, when it is relevant to the broader membership and sector. 
  • Conferences: The chapter partners on, organizes, participates in, and attends various conferences throughout the year, remaining at the forefront of the conversation around entrepreneurship.   

Communications and opportunity sharing

  • Monthly Newsletter: A summary of opportunities and news related to ANDE members and to the SGB sector in general. Members are encouraged to use this platform to share information regarding action items, new reports and funding or partnership opportunities. 
  • Chapter portal and blog: a platform for chapter staff and members to share views and updates on current issues or events. 
  • Twitter handle: @ANDE_ZA

Current and Upcoming Projects

  • Mapping the South Africa entrepreneurial ecosystem 
  • Organizing partner of the Southern African Impact Investing Network (SAIIN) Conference
  • ANDE South Africa is working with SiMODiSA to build an online tool that houses all support available for entrepreneurs in the local ecosystem.
  • For upcoming events, click here

ANDE Members Active in South Africa

Click here to see a map of ANDE Members working in South Africa.


A Steering Committee, consisting of senior representatives of local ANDE members, convenes once a quarter to discuss and advise on key aspects concerning the Chapter's strategy and performance. The operations of the Chapter are led by Lisa van Eck and Michelle Yorke. 

Regional Development Manager, South Africa: Michelle Yorke

Michelle joined ANDE in July 2016 to assist with Strategic Development of the South African chapter. She has more than 15 years of experience in strategy, consulting and advising in the social investment space. She has spent the past 13 years specifically dedicated to Corporate Social Investment (CSI), during which she founded CSI Solutions, a specialist CSI consultancy. Michelle developed The CSR Library, a resource platform for CSR practitioners, predominantly in Southern Africa. She also initiated and led CSI Connect, a network for developing CSI knowledge and sharing best practices and case studies among practitioners in Africa. Her experience spans from setting up CSI processes, procedures, and strategies to evaluating project impact. She has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Pretoria and an MBA from Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).  

Program Associate, South Africa: Lisa van Eck

Lisa joined ANDE in 2014. Her passion for South Africa's socio-economic development led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Economics and Politics at Rhodes University in South Africa. She went on to obtain an MSc in Economics from the University of Siena in Italy, after being awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Her academic research centered on development alternatives for South Africa, and comparative case studies included Brazil and the East Asian ‘tiger’ economies. During an internship at Genesis Analytics, a leading development economics consultancy in Johannesburg she assisted a team commissioned to design a foundation for a top South African insurer. Her focus on social enterprise has been complementary to ANDE's efforts to strengthen the Small and Growing Business ecosystem in South Africa.
Steering Committee Members:
  • Jenny Everett, ANDE 
  • Heather Jackson, Ashburton Investments
  • Fredell Jacobs, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation (chair) 
  • Lana Lovasic, Simanye
  • Pauline Mbayah, AMSCO  
  • Max Pichulik, Impact Amplifier
  • Petra Rees, LEAP 
  • Andrew Sweet, Dalberg